Censorship Chronicles X.

Nintendo fans are no strangers to censorship, having endured everything from green blood in Mortal Kombat 2 to missing out on seeing Tharja in a bikini, however the big N are ready to start, “protecting us” yet again, this time from the evil of boobies. Yes you read that right, Nintendo have indeed decided inContinue reading “Censorship Chronicles X.”

Nintendo Direct November.

Its been a good old while since the last Nintendo Direct so anticipations were understandably high for the event’s return earlier this week, but did it deliver? The answer to that question really does depend on A, how much you want to play a HD re-release of The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess on theContinue reading “Nintendo Direct November.”

U Releases.

While the Wii U isn’t flush with new software at the moment there are a few titles in the pipeline and so Nintendo have decided to date the biggies for your convince, all of which you can find below. Devil’s Third. Europe: August 28. North America: December 11th. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. NorthContinue reading “U Releases.”

Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Nintendo have revealed that not only will Xenoblade Chronicles X be released this December in Europe but a Special Edition of the game featuring a steelbook case, map, double-sided poster and art book will also be available alongside the standard game, as will a console bundle dedicated to Xenoblade Chronicles X. Oh and the goodContinue reading “Xenoblade Chronicles X.”

Nintendo E3 2015.

If you read my musings above you’ll already know that Sony “won” this year’s E3 even before Nintendo had taken to their digital stage, that said the big N could still have made a big impact this year even if they couldn’t, realistically, win the show outright if only they had shown something, anything ofContinue reading “Nintendo E3 2015.”

DLC Chronicles X.

On the eve of it’s Japanese launch Nintendo have revealed that Xenoblade Chronicles X is to receive, unsurprising, a number of additional downloads in the coming weeks. 4 DLC bundles in total have so far been confirmed, each costing ¥ 500 and all featuring either additional characters, quests and mech blueprints. Nintendo have yet toContinue reading “DLC Chronicles X.”

Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Last week a special Xenoblade Chronicles X event was streamed live from Japan where a number of new and intriguing aspects of the game were revealed, including a multiplayer mode. Yes you read that right, Xenoblade Chronicles X is indeed to feature both four-player online co-op and a 32 players mode where players will beContinue reading “Xenoblade Chronicles X.”

Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo held another of their Direct events this week showcasing some of the titles still to be released this year along with a few more we’ll be playing next year, both the Wii U and 3DS. The highlight of the show was almost certainly Majora’s Mask 3D which you can read more about below however,Continue reading “Nintendo Direct.”

E3 2014 Wrap Up.

E3 is done and dusted for another year and all involved seemed to have gone away pleased with themselves and the wares on show. In the cold light of day how did everything actually stack up? Let’s wrap up E3. PC. E3 has never been the greatest showcase when it comes to the PC, probablyContinue reading “E3 2014 Wrap Up.”

E3 2014 Nintendo Press Event.

Nintendo don’t do E3 in the same way Sony or Microsoft do, their “E3 Event” doesn’t feature an audience, anyone on stage or even an a specific venue but what it did feature this years was a fair few games. Much like Microsoft’s conference Nintendo choose to focus almost entirely on games, bar a fewContinue reading “E3 2014 Nintendo Press Event.”