River City Super Sports Challenge.

When Arc System Works acquired the rights to River City Ransom back in June, the Guilty Gear creators promised fans wouldn’t have to wait too long before the deal bear fruit and it looks like they’ve kept their word as River City Super Sports Challenge is heading to the PS3’s Store this very week. AContinue reading “River City Super Sports Challenge.”

PlayStation Plus Plus Plus.

Sony have revealed plans to raise the price of both the monthly and three month PSN membership options starting this September 1st in the UK and across mainland Europe. Market conditions was sighted as the reasoning behind the, as yet undisclosed price rise, however it’s far more likely that Sony are actually trying to makeContinue reading “PlayStation Plus Plus Plus.”

Langrisser 3DS.

While the likes of Disgaea and the Fire Emblem series define the strategy RPG genre today, once upon a time a series called Langrisser (or War Song in the West) was considered by many (mostly in Japan) the pinnacle of the genre. Unfortunately Langrisser’s creators, Masaya, fell on hard times and for the last 15Continue reading “Langrisser 3DS.”

Minna de Spelunker Z.

For the past couple of weeks Square Enix have been building excitement around a mysterious title coming to the PlayStation 4 codenamed “Project Code Z”, said excitement quickly evaporated this weekend however when it was revealed that “Project Code Z” would in fact Minna de Spelunker Z, or as it’s more commonly known in West,Continue reading “Minna de Spelunker Z.”

Return To The Northern Continent.

Did you know that both Suikoden 1 and 2 can fetch up to £150 each on eBay? That sure is a hack of a lot for a couple of Playstation games in my book but if that’s the going rate for two of the best RPGs ever what can you do? Well you could IContinue reading “Return To The Northern Continent.”

Yakuza 5 Coming West After All.

It looked like it might never happen but apparently it is, Yakuza 5 is to be released in the West after all. The digital only release might not be to every Yakuza fan’s taste but the fact that the game is being released at all should be something to shout about and who knows, perhapsContinue reading “Yakuza 5 Coming West After All.”

Strider Strides Onto PSN.

Capcom’s wall clinging ninja Strider Hiryu is to sneak his way onto PSN next week, the Monster Hunter maker has confirmed. Released as a PSOne Classic and playable on the PS3, Vita and PSP, purchasers of Strider 2 will also find a port of the original arcade game bundled with the Playstation squad. No EuropeanContinue reading “Strider Strides Onto PSN.”

PSN Down But Not Out.

Yesterday Playstation owners found that not only were they unexpectedly unable to access rudimentary online elements of PSN, things like the store and media streaming services but all multiplayer modes were also down, the big question was why? Well according to Sony yesterday PSN came under a severe DDOS attack orchestrated by a group namedContinue reading “PSN Down But Not Out.”

Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition.

Alongside the home console release of Batman Arkham Origins last year 3DS and PS Vita owners  were treated to a Batman title of their very own in the form of Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate, a 2.5D metroidvania inspired adventurer set some three months after the events of Arkham Origins. Soon howver PC, PlayStation 3, XboxContinue reading “Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition.”