Commodore 64 Coming.

The SNES mini is not only proving a huge hit for Nintendo but at the same time the little plug & play console is just about single handedly fuelling the current trend for everything retro, including a slim downed Commodore 64. Featuring, would you believe it sixty-four built in titles. Retro Games Limited’s Commodore 64Continue reading “Commodore 64 Coming.”

Super NES Classic Edition.

Following the runaway success & then, sudden demise of the NES Mini, many Nintendo fans were left asking, will we ever see a Super NES mini? Well the answer is a big, fat yes. The Super NES Classic Edition is coming to both North America and Europe this on September 29th. Much like the NESContinue reading “Super NES Classic Edition.”

NES Classic.

While Nintendo may not be launching the NX this year the Mario factory will be releasing new-ish hardware come November 11th in the form of a scaled down NES. A palm sized one in fact, HDMI equipped and pre-loaded with 30 of the best NES titles ever. A single controller will also come bundled withContinue reading “NES Classic.”

PlayStation Plus Plus Plus.

Sony have revealed plans to raise the price of both the monthly and three month PSN membership options starting this September 1st in the UK and across mainland Europe. Market conditions was sighted as the reasoning behind the, as yet undisclosed price rise, however it’s far more likely that Sony are actually trying to makeContinue reading “PlayStation Plus Plus Plus.”

Rare Replay.

Rare have issued a brand new trailer for there forthcoming Rare Replay, a massive compilation of 30 games, hand-picked from the company’s illustrious past. Alongside the new trailer, Rare also confirmed a price point of either $29.99, €29.99, £19.99 or AU$49.95 depending on where you live. Rare Replay will be available from the 4th AugustContinue reading “Rare Replay.”

Shovel Knight Goes Physical.

Yacht Club Games have announced that their hugely popular, Mega man inspired action platfomrer Shovel Knight is to finally be released in physical form on the 3DS, PC, PS4, XOne and Wii U (strangely no Vita) this October 13th in North America and October 16th in Europe. The physical version of Shovel Knight priced atContinue reading “Shovel Knight Goes Physical.”

Yet More 3D Classics.

Sega are readying the way for yet another wave of 3D classics to launch on the 3DS. This time around it’s Streets of Rage 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Gunstar Heroes who we’ll see touched up and re-released from July through to September with Sega surly hoping a few new modes (Streets of RageContinue reading “Yet More 3D Classics.”

Splatoon Bundled Up.

Nintendo have revealed a brand new Wii U bundle built specifically around their forthcoming paint ’em up Splatoon. Featuring a 32GB Will U in black, pre-installed copy of Nintendo Land and download code for Splatoon itself, the Splatoon bundle will launch alongside the game this May 28th, carrying a price point of $299.99. As ofContinue reading “Splatoon Bundled Up.”