In a move that really shouldn’t come as much of a shock to anyone Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Wii U edition is no more. In a statement from creator Koji Igarashi the Switch was wholly blamed for the game’s cancellation and while Mr. Igarashi was apologetic for this, foreseeable turn of events, he was also optimistic that the Switch version of Bloodstained would be worth the trouble.
Wii U backers will now have the choice of receiving either the Switch edition of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night or the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One or PC edition of the game before it’s 2018 release.

2012: A Look A Head: Sony.

Out of the three big players Sony’s 2012 is the hardest to predict. On the home console front we won’t be seeing the Playstation 4 this year. That little beauty will be saved for 2013 leaving the PS3 to defend Sony’s honour for another year. And defending it will be as the PS3 has some great games heading it’s way this year including; Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Devil’s Third, Bioshock Infinite and Asura’s Wrath

and lets not forget The Last Guardian, which despite it’s recent development problems should be one of the year’s highlights. As for predictions keep an eye open for a new God of War title and expect “The Last Of Us” to receive a mixed reception upon release.
Of course Sony’s big thing in 2012 will be the Playstation Vita meaning the all powerful handheld is likely to receive not just a huge marketing push throughout the year but take up much of Sony’s E3 conference with games like Persona 4 The Golden, Final Fantasy X HD

and Tales of Innocence R leading the way. Along with that bunch should also come a tidal wave of PS2 ports, each in glossy HD. A number of PS3 Ports will also appear as well as many, many PSP titles uploaded to PSN. The big question now really is how well will Sony’s Vita fare in it’s first year? Unfortunately the answer isp robably not great but, through no fault of the handheld itself I say. You see the Vita may very well be a good machine but it’ll still find it faces two main challenges this year. The first being price, almost certainty your average consumer just won’t want to splash out on a pocket console.

After all most didn’t with the 3DS and most won’t now with the Vita. Sony’s other problem was again one of the 3DS’s, and that’s a lack of games. This problem normally solves itself over time though and should be doubly so In this case given that a lack of great games was one of the key factors behind the negativity which engulfed the PSP. All in all Sony are likely to have their work cut out for them in 2012 and on the handheld front anyway it could be a year of up and downs.