Resident Evil Origins Collection.

Just in case you haven’t played one of the countless Resident Evil re-releases yet Capcom have you covered with plans to release a brand new bundle pack featuring both the recently released Resident Evil Remastered and Resident Evil 0 Remastered as well. If though merely bundling two remastered Resident Evil titles isn’t enough for youContinue reading “Resident Evil Origins Collection.”

Finish Him.

Gamers yet to make the jump from last gen to next will surly be disappointed to learn that Warner Bros. have decided to cancel both the Playstation and 360 versions of Mortal Kombat X. Failure to meet the publisher’s high “standards in quality” was sighted for the game’s untimely fate however it’s far more likely,Continue reading “Finish Him.”

Minecraft U.

Unless you’ve been on an extended trip to Mars of late you’ll surly have heard that the hugely popular Minecraft series is taking a step away from it’s traditional, free-form style of gameplay, towards a more story driven focus courtesy of everyone’s favourite storytellers Telltale Games however, what you might not have heard is thatContinue reading “Minecraft U.”

More Rainbows.

SideQuest Studios have revealed plans to bring not only their 2012 PSN exclusive Strategy RPG Rainbow Moon to the PS4 but the game’s forth coming sequel, Rainbow Skies as well. Both games are pencilled in for a late 2016 release with Rainbow Skies also being released on the PS3 and Vita at around the sameContinue reading “More Rainbows.”

PlayStation Plus Plus Plus.

Sony have revealed plans to raise the price of both the monthly and three month PSN membership options starting this September 1st in the UK and across mainland Europe. Market conditions was sighted as the reasoning behind the, as yet undisclosed price rise, however it’s far more likely that Sony are actually trying to makeContinue reading “PlayStation Plus Plus Plus.”

Mighty Delay.

When it rains it really does pour and this week it sure has been pouring on Keiji Inafune, who not only saw his Mega Man Legends spiritual successor Red Ash fail to meet it’s $800,000 Kickstarter goal but has now come out and confirmed that his Mega Man successor, The Mighty No 9 won’t beContinue reading “Mighty Delay.”

Atlus Go Vanilla.

UPDATE. Atlus and Vanillaware have revealed that their collaborative project is nothing less than a HD remastering of PS2 classic Odin Sphere. Retitled Odin Sphere Leifdrasir and heading to the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita next year this definitive version of the action RPG features improved visuals, new attacks, monsters, maps, animations andContinue reading “Atlus Go Vanilla.”

Dragon Quest Builders.

Square Enix have announced a brand new Dragon Quest title and well, it bares more than a passing resemblance to the Minecraft series. Dubbed Dragon Quest Builders Revive Alefgard and heading to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Vita towards the end of the year in Japan, Dragon Quest Builders sets players the task of rebuildingContinue reading “Dragon Quest Builders.”

Persona 5.

A brand new trailer for Atlus’ much anticipated fifth instalment of the Persona series has hit the net. Taken directly from the bonus disk gifted to Japanese buyers of Persona 4 Dancing All Night, this latest gander takes a closer look at the game’s main cast as well as showing a little gameplay. Persona 5Continue reading “Persona 5.”

Tales of Zestiria.

Bandai Namco have revealed that the latest entry in the long running Tales series, dubbed Zestiria, is to be release on the PS3, PS4 and PC in both Europe and North America this October (16th and 20th respectively). Bandai Namco have described Tales of Zestiria as a “pure Japanese role-playing experience.”