In a move that really shouldn’t come as much of a shock to anyone Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Wii U edition is no more. In a statement from creator Koji Igarashi the Switch was wholly blamed for the game’s cancellation and while Mr. Igarashi was apologetic for this, foreseeable turn of events, he was also optimistic that the Switch version of Bloodstained would be worth the trouble.
Wii U backers will now have the choice of receiving either the Switch edition of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night or the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One or PC edition of the game before it’s 2018 release.

Sonic Forces.

Sega have yet to really nail down a successful blueprint for Sonic in the third dimension but that, for better or worse, has not stopped them trying and so here we go again.
Sonic Forces is the latest 3D outing for everyone’s favourite hedgehog and it looks much like the 3D Sonic outings which have come before it, roller-coast style stages littered with enemies, rings and all manner of distractions eager to slow the blue blur and that’s about all we know but from the looks of the first trailer there might not be much more to know anyway.
Sonic Forces will make it to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC by the year’s end according to Sega.

Deluxe Details.

While Breath of the Wild is still keeping most Switch owners busy, the shadow of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is looming large on the horizon and this week Nintendo released more information regarding the game’s additions namely the return of Double Dash!!’s Bob-omb Blast and Shine Thief mode, as well as Mario Kart Wii’s Coin Runners mode. Alongside the new modes, a few classic racers will also be joining Deluxe’s cast including King Boo, Dry Bones, Bowser Jr. and Gold Mario.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be racing around the Nintendo Switch this April 28th.

Home or Handheld?


One of the biggest debates circling the Nintendo Switch currently is what Nintendo’s hybrid console actually means for the future of the 3DS or it’s successor? This week we got an indication as to the direction Nintendo may end up heading with both President Tatsumi Kimishima & Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma commenting that the Switch doesn’t mean “the concept of a dedicated handheld will just disappear” but it could become a “first” games console for children.
Neither message (which you can read in full below) is likely to satisfy DS fans or settle their fears, in fact their tone is likely to do the opposite. Time will tell, it did for the GameBoy.

“There’s an element of that, but it doesn’t automatically mean things will happen more quickly or more easily. Plus, Nintendo 3DS still has plenty of titles in development. The concept of the Switch is that you have a home console that you can take with you on the go, and in that respect it is both home console and handheld, but it doesn’t mean for us that the concept of a dedicated handheld will just disappear.” Eiji Aonuma.
“I believe that for the time being, the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch can co-exist together. Compared to the Nintendo 3DS, the Nintnedo Switch is different in shape, size, and price, and the variety and quantity of games that are currently playable now are different between the two. With those differences in mind, I believe that a Nintendo 3DS would work well for parents that are looking into getting their children their first games. Therefore, as a portable gaming device, I believe the Nintendo 3DS has a different demand and market than the Nintendo Switch, and as we’ve gone about with portable consoles until now, we will continue considering a successor.” Tatsumi Kimishima.


Pay to Play the Nintendo way.


Nintendo more than shocked a number of gamers when they revealed that gaming online with the Switch will come at a cost & while that cost remains undisclosed, what you’ll get for your money has been outlined & it doesn’t seem like a lot. So for your money you’ll of course get online access to the likes of Mario Kart 8 & Splatoon 2 in addition to Nintendo’s voice chat app & a virtual console game a month. Much like a PSN or XBox Gold subscription, access to these games, rental games and additional discounts will expire should you decide not to renew your subscription, if any of that convinces you to take one out in the first place.




Last week after what felt like a lifetime of waiting Nintendo finally lifted the curtain on their newest console, the Nintendo Switch. I’m sure by now you’ve seen or at least read the event highlights as everyone seemed to have an opinion on the unveiling, hell I too would have like to offer my immediate thoughts on the event but real life got in the way. That said however perhaps such was for the best, now having had time to digest what Nintendo served up a more measured response can be issued so here goes.
I’m not going to rehash the whole event again here, as I said I’m sure you’ve seen or read about it elsewhere already but what I will say is how struck I was with how clearly this presentation demonstrated Nintendo’s gear change, marketing wise from the Wii U to the Switch. It reminded me very much of the Wii era Nintendo, as did the likes of 1-2-Switch & to a lesser extent, Arms. Thankfully however my nerves were eased with the impressive wave of titles that came after, Fire Emblem Warriors, Project Octopath Traveler, Shin Megami Tensei, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and of course Super Mario Odyssey which looks amazing. Heck even Bomberman made a surprise comeback after the show with Super Bomberman R making the Switch software line for the year ahead one to be excited about, sadly the same cannot be said for the console’s price, Nintendo’s decision to charge for online usage, the system’s shocking battery life or the limited number of titles available.
By the end of the event and more than a week on the Switch’s issues are clear for all to see but very difficult for Nintendo to resolve at this point, posing the question, will the Switch really be worth investing in? Well I certainty think so & as such will be pre-ordering mine next week however I’m doing so with realistic expectation, I’m buying the Switch for Nintendo games & oddities like Super Bomberman R, if games like that are enough for you then so should you.


Good Switch?


The Nintendo Switch is drowning in a sea of rumours at the moment and the latest of these revolves around Ubisoft’s long awaited Beyond Good and Evil sequel and it goes a little something like this.
Jade and Double H’s next adventure is now not only heading to the Nintendo Switch but its heading there exclusively for a whole year and will be showcased at Nintendo’s big Switch event next week. Now of course this is a rumour and should be taken with a pitch of salt but given that Ubisoft have already pledged to strongly support Nintendo’s next console as well as Beyond Good and Evil 2 being in the works, this might indeed be one of those rumour that turns out true.


Rime Reborn.


Back in 2013 Tequila Works announced, in conjugation with Sony, that the team was developing Rime, an Ico inspired adventure for the PS4. Four years on and Tequila Works are still hard at work on Rime however having managed to acquire the rights to Rime, lock, stock and barrel the game is now coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch.
Alongside Rime reannouncement Tequila Works also gave IGN a closer look at the game and a release date of May this year.


Everyone Loves The Switch?


With Nintendo’s next home console getting closer and closer everyday, publishers everywhere are beginning to come out and endorse the potential of the Switch with both EA’s Chief Competition Officer Peter Moore and Take-Two’s president Karl Slatoff stating that they were both very “optimistic” in regards to the Switch and while Karl Slatoff wasn’t optimistic enough to confirm support for the console Mr Moore on the other hand reiterated that a major EA title is on its way.
In other Switch news Developers ConcernedApe have revealed that Stardew Valley, the Harvest Moon inspired farming simulation will no longer be appearing on the Wii U but will now make its way to the Switch.


Pokémon Switch.


From the moment Nintendo announced the Switch rumours have been rampant in regards to what games we’ll see on the system, ports in particular, and while many of these rumours appeared to fade just about as quickly as they appear, one is picking up steam and it goes like this. Game Freak are hard at work on bringing both Pokémon Sun & Moon to Nintendo’s next console, along with the inevitable third version apparently dubbed “Stars”. By way of proof, Eurogamer who are championing the rumour point to the 1:48 second mark in this video which they claim clearly shows a HD model for a Pikipek. I’ll let you decide for yourself. Pokémon Sun & Moon are both out now on the 3DS, meanwhile the the Nintendo Switch will launched early next year.