Game Pass coming to PC.

We all knew it was coming & now Microsoft has confirmed Game Pass is heading to Windows.  More than 100 games will be available at the launch of the service & Microsoft aim to make all future Xbox Game Studios games available via Game Pass for day one release.  Microsoft has also confirmed plans to make XboxContinue reading “Game Pass coming to PC.”

Cloud 9 for Sony & Microsoft.

The landscape of the games industry is changing, & while the all digital era is still a long way off Microsoft & Sony have decided now is the time to buddy up and begin collaboration on cloud gaming and A.I. technology. The deal will see Sony integrating Microsoft cloud tech into their systems while Microsoft willContinue reading “Cloud 9 for Sony & Microsoft.”


Many said it would never happen but they were all wrong, Cuphead is coming to the Switch. The game’s announcement is not only great news for gamers who have yet to play the fantastic Gunstar like platformer on the XOne, but also adds weight to rumours of Gamer Pass on Switch, & of course, allContinue reading “SwitchHeads.”

Switch Pass.

Less than a month ago Microsoft revealed a number of XBox Live features would be made available on a number of devices including the Nintendo Switch, quickly thereafter the rumours began. Of all the rumours one stood-out, Game Pass, Microsoft’s Netflix like streaming service would be next to follow the XBox Live app, launching onContinue reading “Switch Pass.”

Obsidian Entertainment.

As the gears of a new console generation slowly begin to turn, Microsoft look to strengthen their first party production further with the acquisition of yet another third party in Obsidian Entertainment. The team behind the likes of Fallout New Vegas & Pillars of Eternity will certainly make a fine acquisition for Microsoft & aContinue reading “Obsidian Entertainment.”

Microsoft E3 2017

As is common practice these days Microsoft kicked-off the big three portion of this year’s E3 With new hardware & a massive 22 exclusive games, what could possibly go wrong? Surprise surprise, things did indeed go wrong & largely this year that came down to Microsoft’s inability to justify the XBox brand’s very existence. WhyContinue reading “Microsoft E3 2017”