Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Activision has officially unveiled the newest entry in the Call of Duty series, Call of Duty Modern Warfare. As the title suggests, developers Infinity Ward are returning to the most popular game in the series, re-imagining it for modern day gaming in the process.   Activision has also confirmed that, unlike previous Call of Duty ttitles, Modern Warfare willContinue reading “Call of Duty Modern Warfare.”

Capcom racks it in Too.

Alongside Konami, Capcom has also recoded a profit this yea. A record-high in fact, with Devil May Cry 5 & Resident Evil 2 performing extremely well outside Japan, while Monster Hunter: World did well across the board. Pleased with the results, Capcom pledged to redouble their efforts in regards to digital content & the company’sContinue reading “Capcom racks it in Too.”

Devil May Cry Switch.

Capcom dip in & out of their back catalog like no other publisher, choosing titles from the past seemingly at random. Case in point, Capcom have decided the original Devil May Cry is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Yes, you did indeed read that correctly, the original Devil May Cry, not Devil May Cry 5,Continue reading “Devil May Cry Switch.”

Land of the Rising Dead.

Onimusha was originally conceived as a resident evil spin off based in feudal Japan however the hack and slash quickly took on an identity of his own, a hybrid of Devil May Cry and Resident Evil if you will before launching on the PS2 in 2001 to great sales and critical reception. The series wouldContinue reading “Land of the Rising Dead.”

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

I’ll hold my hands up, I’m not the biggest fan of mobile gaming, sure I play a few “apps” here & there but a lack of D-pads & buttons always puts me off. That said, when a mobile game does something right, buttons or not, it gets my attention & that’s exactly what Power Rangers:Continue reading “Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.”