Pokémon Sword & Shield Direct.

Game Freak simply couldn’t wait for E3 & so Pokémon Sword & Shield came early with a 15 minute Nintendo Direct.

It was certainly an enlightening direct if not totally revealing, we learned for instance that 4 player co-op will play a big part in this Pokémon title with trainers teaming up, via Nintendo’s on-line service of course, to take on giant Pokémon in a state known as Dynamax, not unlike Mega evolution which will see Pokémon powered up beyond their usual limits. This makes these mon extremely difficult to take down in the wild as well as in one on one battles. Trainer battles in general seem to be the big focus in Sword & Shield, instead of say, collecting or exploring as has been the focus in other Pokémon games, a decision sure to please those who did not enjoy more straightforward approach of Let’s Go. Game Freak have however taken the much loved wondering Pokémon element from Let’s Go, goodbye random battles.

All in all Pokémon Sword & Shield Direct looked much improved over the last time Game Freak showed off the game & it’s sure to be the smash hit of the year upon it’s release this November 16th.

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