Konami’s profit streak Continues.

At this moment in time for many gamers, Konami is little more than a shadow of their former selves, that said the company continues to grow over all, posting a fifth year of increased profits.

90 million downloads of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links alongside strong PES 2019 sales were highlighted as the driving forces behind the company’s success, however a tight control of operating costs also played a role. All in all the results are more than likely to see Konami double down on their current strategy in regards to both console & mobile games, so if you are holding your breath for a new Konami made  Castlevania or Metal Gear, you might want to take a breath.

2 thoughts on “Konami’s profit streak Continues.

  1. It’s really sad that the unpopular business strategies Konami and EA employ end up getting rewarded more than delivering what fans want.

    1. 100%, I was honestly shocked that Konami turned a profit this year let alone that they have done the last few years. At this point I’d like to see them merge with another company or start licensing out their IPs like Square have.

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