New Box.

As anticipation grows for the next console generation, gamers are eager for any news whatsoever in regards to what Microsoft & Sony have in store for us. The latest rumour suggests that Microsoft have not one, or two, but three Next Boxes in the work.
The first two of the new XBoxes are code named Maverick & Lockhart, Lockhart will follow in the footsteps of the XBox One S, sporting a sleek build & modest specs, Maverick meanwhile will be the cheaper of the two however what you save in cash you’ll lose in hardware as the Maverick will feature no disk drive or anyway to play physical games. The third & final piece of Microsoft’s next gen puzzle, codenamed Anaconda, will be the daddy of the three in terms of sheer horsepower, feature set & of course price.

All very interesting I’m sure you’ll agree but in the end Microsoft’s next console will most certainly succeed or fail based on the games it plays host to, not how many different variations we end up with.

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