Langisser Returns.

The tactical RPG genre might today be dominated by the Fire Emblem series but Chara-Ani are looking to change that with a full scale remake of Langisser1 & 2.
The Langisser series, or War Song as it’s dubbed in the West has been in a state of turmoil and worse, pure decline for a number of years now however Chara-Ani firmly believe that by remaking the franchises from the ground up, recreating the first two games in the series all be it with the mod cons you’d expect to find in a tactical RPG today (cutscenes, fully voice acted cinematics & a more streamlined combat system) the company can once more returned the series to the heights of popularity it found back on the Megadrive and SNES. All be it this time on the Playstation 4 and Nintendo switch.
Langisser Reborn is currently 50% complete but lacks a release date

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