Sound of the Police.

Without question the popularity of retro gaming has never been greater but with that comes an ever greater demand for ROMs, the free way to play all those classics from the past. Nintendo meanwhile have a long history of hostility towards pirated software of this kind and this week they up the ante by filing lawsuits against two popular ROM sites, LoveROMs & loveRETRO claiming that both sites, the pair receiving upwards of 17 million viewers per day are damaging Nintendo significantly.
Nintendo didn’t stop there however as they also filed claims in regards to the sites use of images trademarked by Nintendo themselves, surely hoping to get the sites taken down or their content removed one way or the other.

How either site will react to Nintendo’s lawsuit remains to be seen but the big N are unlikely to back down from this course of action given how important the likes of the NES & SNES Classics are to the company these days.

2 thoughts on “Sound of the Police.

  1. Nintendo live to sue and to make cash by reselling the same old games over and over again. I think less people would download ROMs if Nintendo didn’t make you re-buy the same NES titles every time a new machine comes out.

    1. I have no issue with rom use personal, I don’t think it effects sales in any real way & that goes double for a number of these old games which are long out of print. I also think Nintendo could end piracy of their games by offering them at a realistic price point or in a new form factor as the NES/SNES have shown.

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