Shenmue Returns.


The long awaited HD return of Ryo Hazuki has been confirmed for release this August 23rd with Sega adding that anyone who pre-orders a digital copy of the game, vie the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store or Steam will receive a 10% discount. No discount for those who go physical sadly but we’ll get a reversible cover & double-sided poster.

2 thoughts on “Shenmue Returns.

  1. I hear that the third game has been delayed again so there is no rush to catch up with the story of the previous games. Given the choice I would rather catch up on my Yakuza backlog than start Shenmue from the beginning.

    1. The state of the third game worries me, I really wish they would have just reused the originals engine but polished it a little instead of trying to build the world from scratch.

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