War On The Cheap.

Earth’s Dawn was a well received if underwhelming 2D action side-scroller released by Rising Star Games back in 2016 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC & mobile platforms, this week it came to the Nintendo Switch eShop re-dubbed Earth Wars & while its still the same fun yet repetitive hack & slasher it was a few years ago it’s just $4.50/£4.00 on the Switch instead of the usual £24.99/$29.99, price tag it carries on the PS4, XOne and Steam.

EARTHSDAWN4-1500x844That’s a serious discount in anyone’s book & one that makes Earth Wars more then worth a download at that price, double even with so many Switch ports carrying, the Switch tax.

4 thoughts on “War On The Cheap.

  1. This is a surprise, given that Switch games are usually pricey. Shame that I already purchased this on PS4.

  2. I’ve been scoping out some of these budget games lately, as I wait for another flash sale on I am Setsuna. This one sounds more than worth taking a look at that price.

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