MediEvil Remastered.


Nostalgia is very much in trend at the moment & Sony are very much banking on that trend, getting PS4 owners excited for the return of none other than Sir Daniel Fortesque and the MediEvil series.

Beyond a brief trailer & the promise of more information “soon” MediEvil Remaster is, at the moment at least, shrouded in mystery with gamers & media outlets alike unsure if we’re getting a true remastering of 1998 original MediEvil or 2005’s MediEvil: Resurrection, a re-imagining come remake of the original game, released on the PSP.

Either way the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has certainly set the bar high for classics looking at a modern day revival, leaving Sir Daniel & Sony with a fair bit of work on their hands.

2 thoughts on “MediEvil Remastered.

  1. I haven’t delved much into Sony’s PSX show. Most of what I heard sounds…anticlimactic. But MediEvil caught my eye. An odd choice for a remastering, but it was pretty charming, fun game at its time.

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