Capcom Making The Switch.

Capcom have been more then a little reluctant in backing Nintendo as of late even going as far as to move the Monster Hunter series away from Nintendo platforms completely, however as the Switch continues to rake in the sales the Mega Man maker is finding it harder & harder to ignore the hybrid console & now Capcom COO Haruhiro Tsujiro has revealed new Capcom games will indeed come to the Switch.

Frustratingly Mr Tsujiro wouldn’t name titles specifically but he did say franchises popular both in & outside of Japan, like the Ace Attorney series would be the ones heading to the Switch within the next fiscal year.

4 thoughts on “Capcom Making The Switch.

  1. I guess Capcom are wary of backing Nintendo because their partnership during the Gamecube era could have gone better.

    1. I’m not sure where Capcom are going these days to be honest, I mean so many of their franchises could really sell well on a Nintendo system if made right but instead they seem content to keep pushing out ageing ports & at full price no less. I guess Capcom just got lazy, that would explain it.

  2. Some follies on both sides soured the relationship. I know it’s easy to dump on Capcom, but they actually played a crucial role in getting the Nintendo Switch running at the rate it is. Capcom convinced them to add more power to it to potentially run the Resident Evil 7 engine on it. The success of Ultra Street Fighter Turbo Alpha II The Super Cereal Final Challengers This Time caught them off guard, I think.

    1. I heard that ram story too but really, a Resident Evil 7 port isn’t what Nintendo needs or any Resident Evil ports at this point. They need the kind of support Capcom have given Sony with Street Fighter & I don’t thing any amount of ram will bring that. Capcom only care about cash & they are not hiding that.

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