Judge, Jury & the Switch.

In this day & age success is often followed by opportunists, so predictably this week that doubled edged sword fell firmly & once again at Nintendo’s door as an accessory manufacturer by the name of Gamevice filed a law suit against the Mario factory for, allegedly stealing the detachable aspect of the Switch Joycons from their Wikipad.

Primarily an Android tablet accessory, the Wikipad does indeed look a little like a less refined pair of Joycons, however there is next to no chance on the basis of appearance or concept alone that Gamevice’s request for damages & a halt to Switch sales will ever happen. Still, at least the company got a little free publicity.



  1. Way to attempt to cash in on claiming hardware infringement for a product they stopped developing four years ago. Nintendo might eat these guys in court, and I hope they do. The day one of these troll lawsuits win, Pandora’s Box opens up.

    1. Nintendo have always been targeted by people & companies trying to make a quick buck but more often then not it fails. It will this time too I think.

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