64 Mini?

Given the success of the NES Classic & the fact the SNES Classic is soon to become a reality, the chances of Nintendo creating yet more micro consoles seem likely. In fact it seems very likely now considering Nintendo’s latest trademark, one for the unmistakable Nintendo 64 controller.

64 Mini
New trademarks are nothing unusual, Nintendo trademark things all the time, however recent trademarks for both the NES & SNES controllers have been followed up swiftly by mini console reveals so why not this time.


If there is indeed to be an N64 Classic the likes of Super Mario 64, Ocarina Of Time & Starfox 64 are shoe ins to be included, but with the strong probability that no Rare titles (besides Donkey Kong 64) will make an appearance, Nintendo will have to be a little creative in their selection process.



    1. I can’t see it happening, it would seriously undermine Rare Replay if nothing else. Such a shame cause Rare really did help define the N64.

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