Mega Maker.

The success of Mario Maker has clearly shown that gamers are hungry for a little DIY gaming & yet, so few publishers seem to have realized just how big a trend this could be. Thankfully these days we no longer have to rely on developers or publishers alone when it comes to delivering what gamers want & Mega Maker is a classic example.

Dr._WilyCreated by freeware games developer WreckingPrograms, Mega Maker does what Mario Maker did before it, offer players a bunch of resources (enemies, bosses, level objects & items) from the Mega Man series of games and then allow them to create & share their own, hand crafted levels with other Mega Man fans from around the world. Better still, being completely unofficial, WreckingPrograms is hoping to release Mega Maker free of charge to all who want is this July 15th, well as long as Capcom don’t decide to pull the plug. Just in case, better get Mega Maker while you can.



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