Sony E3 2017

PS 3e20171

Sony entered this year’s E3 in full knowledge of their untouchable position but would such confidence lead to a better or worse showing for the market leaders?

Truth be told, Sony phoned this E3 in, the conference was a very straightforward affair; Uncharted: Lost Legacy kick us off & was promptly followed by trailer after trailer, many of which featured exclusive PS4 titles however the majority, exclusive or otherwise have made appearances at E3s gone by & while Days Gone, God Of War, Detroit: Become Human & Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite might all turn out to be wonderful games, they’re trailers didn’t set hearts racing.

PS 3e20172

And that was Sony’s big problem this year, nothing they brought to E3 created much of a buzz or any serious excitement. VR games looked largely uninspiring, Destiny 2 & Call of Duty World War II were unsurprisingly much like their respective predecessors, meanwhile the Monster Hunter series’ return to the system lacked any kind of fanfare. Worst of all however the Shadow of the Colossus Remake felt at best, unnecessary.

PS 3e20174

Thus in the end it fell on the shoulders of our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man to save Sony’s show however the demo ultimately split opinion with some fans impressed with the cinematic quality of Spider-Man’s combat & movement while others saw a few too many quick time events & far too much inspiration taken from the Arkham series.

PS 3e 2017 3

Whichever side of the fence you found yourself on in regards to Spidey’s appearance, the majority of people who tuned in to this year’s Sony conference tuned out feeling the same, indifferent.



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