Nintendo E3 2017

N 3e2017 6

No one really knew what to expect from Nintendo this year, would they pull out all the stops with massive surprise announcements or focus on the games we know are coming our way?

In the end Nintendo choose to keep things short & simply this year, opting for a very basic format featuring the kind of bread & butter titles we’ve all come to expect from the Big N including new outings for both Yoshi & Kirby, the much anticipated sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles and of course a Fire Emblem title in the form of Fire Emblem Warriors were all accounted for and correct.

N e3 2017 5

Even the mighty Mario showed up to promote his latest outing Super Mario Odyssey & boy did it look outstanding but unexpected it was not. Nintendo did have two bombshells to drop on their fans however with news that not only is a full fledged Pokemon title on it’s way to the Switch but a long overdue forth instalment to Metroid Prime is also in the works.

Unfortunately both announcements were slightly undermined by the fact Nintendo chose to show nothing & I do mean nothing of either of them. Still, at least we know they are coming.


Nintendo also showed off some Zelda DLC & Rocket League which is heading to the Switch before the year’s end but like Microsoft & Sony before them Nintendo’s E3 conference ultimately lacked a WOW factor.


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