The Castlevania series might not be returning to our consoles any time soon but that isn’t going to stop Dracula gracing our screens as he’s all set for another revival in a brand new animated series based on the classic game franchise coming to Netflix this July 7th.
Loosely inspired by the third Castlevania in the series; Dracula’s Curse, the new animated series will fellow the Belmont family in their never ending quest to put Dracula to rest once & for all, here’s the trailer.

2 thoughts on “Netvania

  1. Hope it turns out better than Devil May Cry’s anime. The visuals remind me a bit of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

    1. Huge fan of Vampire Hunter D & I even liked the soundtrack to the Devil May Cry anime. I hope though if they’ve taken inspiration from anything Hellsing was it.

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