Contract Terminated.

In an unexpected move publisher Square Enix have decided to end their involvement with developers IO Interactive, the studio best known for their work on the Hitman franchise.
In a short statement Square Enix sighted the need to focus all resources on key franchises and studios alone going forward & the fact that IO Interactive’s had underperformed leading to a substantial loss of “intangible assets”.
The statement went on to state that while Square Enix would be seeking out new investors to take IO Interactive on, they could not say at this point in time how successful any such negotiations would be & were they not, liquidation of the studio would fallow.
What lies ahead for the likes of the Hitman or the Kane & Lynch franchises will be up for debate but unless Square Enix chooses to offload the IPs alongside IO Interactive, the Final Fantasy factory will remain in control of them.

2 thoughts on “Contract Terminated.

  1. This studio’s output is virtually all Hitman. If they lose the rights to the series, when they get sold off, they may well be doomed. Very harsh when you consider how well the episodic Hitman performed in reviews.

    1. I’ve found this decision hard to understand, the Hitman franchise has a solid fan base, critics praise it and hell there are even two feature films based on the series. Why then Square Enix are shutting IO down and putting this series at risk of demise is beyond me.

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