NES Classic Is History.

The NES reveal is over, Nintendo’s mini NES is no more. Yes despite being adored by fans, largely praised by critics and most importantly of all sold out for the duration of its lifespan, Nintendo have decided to cease manufacture of both the NES Classic Edition and it’s Wii/Wii U compatible classic controller.
Nintendo issued a short statement apologizing to fans who have found the console hard to find since its release last year, however the actual reasoning behind the demise of the NES Classic was notably absent from the statement leaving gamers to speculate, could Nintendo be putting an end to the NES Classic so to add value to the Switch’s inevitable Virtual Console & or the “free” monthly NES/SNES games that will come with the Switch’s monthly subscription? We’ll probably never know for sure but what we do know is April is the last NES Classic shipment and the last chance to get one at a fair price.



    1. I wouldn’t mind one myself but I’m never paying the £130+ prices people are asking on Amazon & eBay for them. Super disappointing on Nintendo’s part.

  1. Sheesh, they and every company with extensive libraries of classic games are sitting on gold mines; I have no idea why a lot of them are so stubborn when it comes to allowing fans to access them.

    1. And then they wonder why people get their retro fix vis, other means. It really is baffling though why, say the Virtual Console doesn’t feature countless Nintendo classics at a reasonable price.

  2. This really didn’t surprise me. The only surprising fact was how poorly Nintendo botched manufacturing and distributing emulated software. No internet uplink. No expanding the software with extra downloadable games. 4 inch controller wires. It’s the Neo Geo X all over again. Leave it to the individual developers, as far as I see it.

    1. This whole NES situation has been a shambles from the get go but worse of all, it makes the chances of a Classic N64 Mini now very unlikely.

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