Return To The Old Republic.

Before BioWare created their own sprawling Sci-Fi universe in the form of the Mess Effect series they lended their talents to the Star Wars universe creating what is still widely considered the greatest Star Wars game of all time, Knights of the Old Republic. A lot of time has past & much has changed since then however one thing which remains much the same is the fans’ wishes to see the Old Republic continue. Well that wish may be about to come true with rumours rumbling that BioWare Austin are indeed at work on a re-imagined of sorts of the original Knights of the Old Republic.
Sadly, beyond the rumour itself there is little to say about the future of the Old Republic franchise however on a side note, original developers BioWare Edmonton are said to be working a new, Destiny inspired IP of their own code named “Dylan”. Expect E3 to shade light on both rumours.



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