In a move that sent shock waves throughout the XBox fan base, Microsoft announced this week that they’ve decided to shut down development of Platinum Games’ action-RPG Scalebound, completely. Unveiled to noteworthy fanfare during Microsoft’s 2014 E3 conference, Scalebound was at one point billed as a AAA title for the XOne, making the game’s cancellation and Microsoft’s subsequent vague reasoning for such all the more unexplainable. At least director Hideki Kamiya has shared his sadness for the game’s demise via twitter and the fact that he was truly sorry to all the fans awaiting the game.


5 thoughts on “Descaled.

  1. I hear the game was shown behind closed doors and didn’t impress. Sometimes you have to cut your losses and accept that projected sales won’t cover the funding needed to polish the game.

    1. It looked a little ropey at E3 to but given time I see no reason why it couldn’t have been polished. The XOne could use some more exclusives too.

  2. While I love PlatinumGames and Hideki Kamiya, I actually never heard of this game. Then again, I also don’t own an XBox One, so reasonably it would make sense for me to know zilch. Makes me wonder if Nintendo or Sony will swoop in and salvage the project. According to some of the reaction I’ve monitored (mostly from fans, so take that for what it’s worth) It was anticipated and people are shouting doom and gloom for XBox One exclusives. Jumping the gun much?

      1. That’s a shame. That’s what held a Banjo-Kazooie sequel hostage and why we now have Yooka-Laylee. There could be a silver lining in this, but it doesn’t speak well of how Microsoft might feel about their fans.

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