Pokémon Switch.


From the moment Nintendo announced the Switch rumours have been rampant in regards to what games we’ll see on the system, ports in particular, and while many of these rumours appeared to fade just about as quickly as they appear, one is picking up steam and it goes like this. Game Freak are hard at work on bringing both Pokémon Sun & Moon to Nintendo’s next console, along with the inevitable third version apparently dubbed “Stars”. By way of proof, Eurogamer who are championing the rumour point to the 1:48 second mark in this video which they claim clearly shows a HD model for a Pikipek. I’ll let you decide for yourself. Pokémon Sun & Moon are both out now on the 3DS, meanwhile the the Nintendo Switch will launched early next year.


2 thoughts on “Pokémon Switch.

  1. Game Freak have always said they want the mainline Pokemon games to be handheld only. Switch is technically a portable system so there is hope.

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