Waste Not Want Not.


It might have taken more than 20 years for a return to the Wasteland but inXile Entertainment won’t be making gamers wait quite as long for the series’ third instalment as Wasteland 3 is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux soon. Being a direct sequel to last year’s Wasteland 2, refinement over revolution is the order of the day, Wasteland 3 will however feature both a story driven signal and multiplayer mode. Drivable vehicles, environmental dangers and more fluidity overall will also play its part in making Wasteland 3 a worthy successor to its predecessors.


2 thoughts on “Waste Not Want Not.

  1. I get the impression that the latest Fallout wasn’t that well received. Perhaps this game will capitalize on Bethesdas loss.

    1. I’m playing it right now actually & it’s underwhelming at best & that’s coming from someone who’s played every Fallout, including the PC classics. Fallout 4 really lacks ideas and I hope Bethesda do alot more with the fifth game.

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