Princess is Money-Hungry.


By now most developers have long since abandoned the PS Vita, however Nippon Ichi are made of sterner stuff and the Gifu Prefecture based developer actually have a brand new action RPG for Sony’s handheld on the way. Dubbed, Princess is Money-Hungry the top down RPG will see players take control of Princess who’s kingdom has been lost to an evil family of loan sharks, now she has to spend what little money she has left on items, special attacks and even enemies who will help her get what’s hers back. If that sounds as interestingly, off the wall to you as it does to me, here’s a trailer. Princess is Money-Hungry will be available in Japan from November 24th.


2 thoughts on “Princess is Money-Hungry.

  1. Sounds amusing. I will buy this if it comes to Europe. Have so many companies really abandoned the Vita? I still play mine loads.

    1. I play mine too, its a good little handheld but it looks like most game developers right now are looking towards mobile devices and little else. Easy money I guess.

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