Metal Gear Survive.


When Hideo Kojima and Konami parted company last year gamers the world over asked in unison, what’s gonna happen to Metal Gear? Many had an opinion on the matter but few could have predicted the undead direction the franchise would take, yep Metal Gear Evil is coming.
Okey its not actually called Metal Gear Evil but Metal Gear Survive (to give its true title) does bare at least a passing resenblance to the fifth & sixth instalments of the Capcom’s undead series, focusing as modern Resident Evils have, heavily on co-op, zombie slaying action. Story wise the game is based in an alternative universe to the main Metal Gear series accessible via, wait for it, “unexplained wormhole”. Inexplicitly Konami have stated that Metal Gear Survive will indeed be cannon. Metal Gear Survive will shuffle on to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC at some point next year, to tide you over till then here’s a trailer.


2 thoughts on “Metal Gear Survive.

  1. Sounds like a weird idea, even by Metal Gear standards. The gameplay better be awesome or else Konami can expect a big backlash.

    1. The backlash has already started, the core fans just don’t want this. Konami would have been better off remaking the original MSX2 Metal Gear & then Snake’s Revenge.

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