Rise From Your Grave.


Game companies going under is nothing new, Atari, Hudson Soft and The 3DO Company have all gone the way of the Dodo however games companies coming back is far rarer and yet that’s exactly what has happened to THQ who, after going bankrupt back in 2012 are back. Well sort of, Nordic Games, the company who snatched up the THQ brand and many of the company’s assets have re-branded themselves THQ Nordic and revealed they have 23 gamse in development, many of which are THQ IPs.
Time will tell which PIs these are but Darksiders, Red Faction and Stuntman are all prime candidates.


5 thoughts on “Rise From Your Grave.

  1. I’ve had my hopes set on a new Red Faction game for a while. I don’t know if it will return to a FPS (the last one I was ever really any good at) or continue to experiment. I love the Nano Forge in Armageddon, it was a very good idea and I see potential in that. Also, I approve of the name change. Googling something abstract like Nordic Games for three years trying to find information lead me to find some weird stuff.

      1. Darksiders was cool. Seems like a series that could have more to say. I talked to someone who referred to it as “Zelda for grown-ups. I laughed.

      2. Yeah I’ve heard this description before & its way off. Darksiders is a fine game which clearly looks up to Zelda but calling it a grown up Zelda is like calling South Park a grown up Simpsons.

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