Sonic Mania.


Sege have been dangling a Sonic shaped announcement at us for awhile now and at last they’ve decided to unveil not just one but two new titles starring everyone’s favourite hedgehog. The first of this, dubbed Sonic Mania will return Sonic, Tails and Knuckles to their roots in a brand new 2D adventure re-imagining iconic Zones and Acts from classic Sonic titles while at the same time adding all new ones. The second Sonic offering is simply called Sonic 2017, and from its trailer it looks to be a sequel of sorts to the well received Sonic Generations as it too features both classic and modern hogs.
Both new games will be out next year, Sonic Mania first before Sonic 2017 follows later in the year, Sonic Mania however will only be available digitally on the PS4, XOne and PC while Sonic 2017 will see a full release on the PS4, XOne and Nintendo’s NX.




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