The most famous hedgehog of them all turned 25 last week and to celebrate Sonic Team’s own Takahshi Iizuka officially announced that a brand new Sonic title is in the works. Unfortunately Mr. Iizuka wasn’t quite ready to reveal much about Sonic’s next adventure but he did confirm it will be with us next year.




  1. Heh, may as well. I’m one of the few who kinda likes Sonic lore a little more than the tired stage play formality that Mario has become. I’m still shocked the series never took any inspiration from the SatAM cartoon and saw how well received that was, at least in terms of aesthetics. Gameplay-wise, it hasn’t tried to properly reinvent itself into 3D, and it’s been almost 20 years. Rodea the Sky Soldier feels like what Sonic should’ve evolved into, but unless an outlier comes in with a true new vision, poor Sonic will have to continue to get by on having the coolest character design in gaming history. To be fair, Sonic Lost Worlds was a pretty good Sonic game that no one talks about,

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