Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap.


Sega’s classic action platformer series, Wonder Boy is on the brink of a revival, courtesy of Lizard Cube and DotEmu. The updated version of the Sega Master System original, dubbed Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap, will retain much of what made Wonder Boy so successful once upon a time while improving both sound and visuals. There’s even a trailer right here. Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap will appear on both PC and console at some point in the not so distant future.

Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap.



  1. This project sure seems to have a lot of ambition behind it. I hope it ends up being one of those remakes that’s effectively a reinterpretation of the source material rather than a straight 1:1 graphical update.

    1. I’m surprised to see how much effort has clearly been put into this already, I mean its not the first Sega franchise which springs to mind when choosing one to remake but I’m interested none the less.

  2. I loved the original game, so it’s awesome that they’re bringing it back! Also quite unexpected, which likely makes it a passion project. Either way, I’m excited!

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