NIS America Ditch Atlus.


For a number of years now Atlus’ European wing and NIS America have worked hand in glove to bring a number of high profiled titles including the Etrian Odyssey series to Europe, however as of now that once strong relationship is well and truly over.
Speaking to MVC NIS America’s managing director Takuro Yamashita revealed that since Sega’s acquisition of the Persona creator, Atlus had “Became very picky about selecting their European publishing partner.” Mr. Yamashita went on to express his belief that Atlus was now “cherry picking” the titles guaranteed to sell and unwilling to take risks and so NIS America would no longer be partnering with the group. NIS America could now look for a new publishing partner or choose to publish their games themselves.


2 thoughts on “NIS America Ditch Atlus.

  1. Disappointing, but not a surprise. In recent times Sega have refused to bring several titles over to the west.

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