The King of Fighters XIV.


While most fight fans will undoubtedly be busying themselves with Street Fighter V this week, SNK Playmore don’t want you to forget there is another classic fighter on the way in the form of The King of Fighters XIV, which has now been confirmed to feature
a roster of over 50 characters. A new trailer featuring a few of these characters is doing the rounds however besides a vague 2016 release SNK Playmore are still remaining tight lipped on exactly when KOF will arrive on the Playstation 4.

The King of Fighters XIV.

11 thoughts on “The King of Fighters XIV.

    1. A lot of people are unhappy with the visuals but given the number of fighters I can kind of understand. As long as it plays well I’ll get over the graphics.

      1. I want to believe that’s the case, but when it already looks worse than Ultra Street Fighter 4–which released two years ago and has nearly the same amount of fighters as KOF (42)–I’m definitely concerned.

      2. Their a much smaller team then the one behind Street Fighter 4 and we should keep that in mind. The proof I guess will be in the pudding.

      3. My guess is they’re probably the same size as the teams behind Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, or even the Naruto fighters, so I don’t want to give them a free pass based on size. An 8-person indie team created Skullgirls, after all. =)

      4. True but the pressure on The King of Fighters team is likely far greater than that of the others mentioned. They have just been bought out after all.

  1. SFV fell on its face upon release (I was a fool for buying the damn Collector’s Edition box), but will be an excellent fighter once the game is complete. It bothers me that the handling of Street Fighter may be the future of how these games are released, it’s a serious turn off for my interest in modern gaming going forward. I have always loved SNK’s tournament fighters more than Capcom’s, and I have been eagerly anticipating KOF XIV almost immediately when I was done with XIII. I read that the fighting engine will be similar to XIII, which will rule, because that game played like butter. And I also prefer KOF’s sleeker character models over Street Fighter V’s bulky-ass, Rob Liefeld physiques.

    1. I got Street Fighter day one as well and it’s been underwhelming to say the least. I’m not a fan of the new fighters and I’m not a fan of the lack of modes either but this is what Capcom have become and the way much of the industry is going. I really do miss the days of Sega And Nintendo.

  2. Fifty characters? At the very least it sounds like they have more content than Capcom’s disappointment.

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