The Party Starts Here.


While the likes of the Smash Bros. Or the Mario Kart series seem to get better with each instalment, the Mario Party titles have found themselves in something of a slump for a good few years now, some might even argue since the days of the Nintendo 64, however Capcom will soon be looking to turn that tide with Mario Party Mysterious Challenge World.
Featuring 6 player panels and a projection of a roulette wheel, Mario Party Mysterious Challenge World promises players the opportunity to face off against one another through hundreds of mini-games, multiple boards and even in the face of bosses.
Mario Party Mysterious Challenge World will be available across Japan later in the year.


4 thoughts on “The Party Starts Here.

  1. I say that, as far as Mario Party games are concerned, you really can’t beat the Nintendo 64 installments. If Capcom is developing this new one, here’s hoping that half the mini-games don’t end up being on-disc DLC.

  2. The first few Mario Party games were fun. I think the series has lost its appeal because so many sequels have come out. Can Capcom turn things around? Dunno. They are not the company they once were.

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