Detective Pikachu.


The Pokémon series might be adverse to change but the many spin-offs which have emerged over the year certainly are not and the latest of these, an adventure game dubbed Detective Pikachu Birth of a New Duo, could be the most drastically different yet.
Taking on the role of Tim, a young boy from Rhyme City, players must assist Detective Pikachu as he solves people’s problems, gets distracted by beautiful women and drinks way too much coffee, just like Pikachu used to in the cartoons, remember?
Sadly, as interesting as a Phoenix Wright inspired Pokémon title might sound the Pokémon Company have yet to make any hint Detective Pikachu Birth of a New Duo will ever see release outside of Japan. Still, we can hope.

Detective Pikachu.

2 thoughts on “Detective Pikachu.

  1. Pokemon games sell well so I imagine this will get localized eventually. That said if this incarnation of Pikachu is a womanizer Nintendo may scrap the idea. They sure love their censorship.

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