Kojima Productions.


Now that Konami and Hideo Kojima have officially parted company the man behind the Metal Gear Solid series has revealed he is to form a brand new, independent games studio all of his own dubbed Kojima Productions. Mr. Kojima also made it known that his first, as yet unnamed project will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive partially funded by Sony themselves.
Expect to hear plenty more on Kojima Productions in the not too distant future.

Kojima Productions.

4 thoughts on “Kojima Productions.

  1. I’d love to see if Policenauts (or something akin to it) was (re)made in some fashion. This is referenced all over his works and for years, I really wanted to play it, then I thought it came out in the U.S. and I just missed it. But good for him and the future of Japanese game development. In what’s been a fairly disappointing year in gaming credibility (for me, personally), microtransactions, mobile gaming syphoning creativity out of the medium, at least ONE positive story I can take solace with exists.

    1. I would love to see Kojima do something more story driven, like Policenauts but I think his fondness for open world games will be his biggest influence on the new title.
      As for 2015 I’d largely agree with you, it was far from the greatest year in gaming but we did get some interesting titles non the less.

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