Street Fighter V.


With Street Fighter 5 all of two months away now, Capcom have decided to issue a brand new trailer featuring the complete 16 character roster. Not only that but a second trailer featuring a number of “Battle Costumes” available shortly after the game’s launch has also been released.
Street Fighter V will be available on both PC and the PS4 from February 16th.

Street Fighter V.



  1. While I’m more of a King of Fighters fan and anticipating KOF XIV more, I’m looking forward to playing SFV. I think 16 characters (with clearly more available as time goes on post release) is a respectable sized roster and the gameplay from SF4 was smooth. After the story mode in Mortal Kombat X cooled me off completely from finishing the game with any kind of enthusiasm, I went back to finishing BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma until SFV comes out. The new characters look goofy, but that’s what Capcom does now. *ahem* FrankenCharlie

    1. I’m looking forward to both KOF and ST5 but I think Pokken Tournament might be my most anticipated fighter coming next year, hopefully Bandai Namco will up the roster a touch though.

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