Nintendo Direct November.


Its been a good old while since the last Nintendo Direct so anticipations were understandably high for the event’s return earlier this week, but did it deliver?
The answer to that question really does depend on A, how much you want to play a HD re-release of The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess on the Wii U and B, how much do you want to play as Cloud Strife in Smash Bros.? If these are two gaming dreams of yours then yes, this Nintendo Direct was a damn good one as both Twilight Princess HD and the addition of Cloud to the Smash Bros. roster are going to happen, however beyond that both the 3DS and Wii U line ups have a certain, déjà vu quality about them, with Nintendo choosing to roll out videos of Star Fox Zero, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Hyrule Warriors Legends and Fire Emblem Fates yet again as opposed to anything really new. Hell Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow even made an appearance with news that all three games will be made available on the DS Virtual Console next year and that summed up this Direct almost perfectly, we’re in for a lot more of what we know than what we don’t.

Nintendo Direct November.

10 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct November.

  1. …Or C) how much you enjoy playing JRPGs, haha. As a huge fan of damn near everything on the show, the Direct had me pretty pumped.

    I love JRPGs and knowing that there’s about to be a shitstorm on 3DS makes me happy. Three Fire Emblem games, Dragon Quest VII and VIII ports, Bravely Second, Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final, Pokemon generation 1 re-releases on the 3DS VC, and Final Fantasy Explorers. I will buy every single one of those at launch, and will even pre-order the Fire Emblem three pack once Best Buy has them back in stock online. Not to mention Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem and Xenoblade Chronicles X on Wii U. Basically I very happy right now lol.

    I loved Hyrule Warriors on Wii U and having it on the go (with new characters, to boot) is enough to buy it for a 2nd time. Cloud in Smash is icing on the cake, and I love what they’ve done with his Limit Breaks and Summon abilities that mess with the stages.

    I already pre-ordered The Twilight Princess HD + Wolf Link amiibo =X. RIP wallet in 2016, and that’s only on the Nintendo side of things.

    P.S. Star Fox still looks like crap to me.

    1. While I agree with a lot of your option C my issue with this Direct wasn’t really what was shown but what wasn’t and by that I mean anything new. Sure all the RPGs will be great ( Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem is right up there with Persona 5 on my most wanted list) and Cloud looked amazing but where were the new games? Hell a single new game would have been enough but instead we get Twilight Princess HD, a game which simply does not need to be re-released in HD or otherwise right now full stop.

      I also wasn’t a big fan of the pay to play titles like Badge Arcade on show but who was?

      1. Badge Arcade is a waste, in my opinion. I did the free trial where you get 5 plays, but all of the good badges (i.e. any Zelda badge that isn’t a bomb icon or a coin) is buried so far underneath the garbage that you’d be spending a ton just to decorate your home screen.

        I agree that I wish more *new* games were shown, but at least Star Fox looks better and we were shown new characters for Hyrule Warriors on 3DS. Fire Emblem Fates being a trilogy of games was new news, I thought? And the new of Dragon Quest 7 and 8 FINALLY coming to NA on 3DS was pretty huge for the DQ fan community. Again, neither games are “new”, since one came out on PS1 and another on PS2, but they’re new to the Nintendo family.

      2. I guess the shift to the NX is probably taking up a fair bit of their resources so a lack of new software is understandable however, if we don’t see some major titles launch with the NX questions will need to be asked.

      3. Absolutely. I think if they pull a Twilight Princess and dual-release Zelda U on Wii U and NX the day NX launches, it’ll boost sales a little.

        If they launch NX with that and a brand new 3D Mario game that actually shows the power of the console (not like New Super Mario Bros U, which, while good, didn’t show anything other than Wii U’s HD capability over the Wii itself), it’ll have a strong launch.

        My biggest gripe though is Nintendo’s total lack of interest in learning how the internet works. A more user-friendly friend and party/chat system is necessary to draw in third parties. And if Playstation 4 taught us anything it’s that third party games can carry a console.

      4. Nintendo have slowly (all right very slowly) been improving their online capabilities and I expect them to continue to do so with the NX, That said, I’m far less confident in regards to their ability to get third-parties onside, if they’d just buy up some developers though (I’m looking at you Capcom) third-parties would be less of a necessity.

      5. I also wonder if they kept offering Monster Hunter on Wii U if that would have helped in the East. It’s a huge series, so it was odd to see them now follow up with Monster Hunter 3 on Wii and 3 Ultimate on Wii U.

      6. It surely would have helped but I think the day of any single game or franchise really driving up console sale sufficiently are gone. Today’s gamer after all wants their console of choice to play host to all of the big name franchises and I think that’s one of the main reasons so many want Nintendo to go third-party, it would save them having to shell out for yet another console but I personally think it would be the end of Nintendo as we know them.

      7. Seeing as how NPD sales charts indicate 70-90% of the top game sales are third party games, I think you’re correct. I never buy a Nintendo console for third party games, and haven’t since the SNES. I love Nintendo to death, but I could never go an entire console generation with *just* their console.. unless I only played handhelds. And even that’s up for debate, with Vita’s plethora of RPGs and quirky indies (despite the mass “Vita is dead!” stance gaming sites seem to be taking).

      8. I couldn’t agree more, Nintendo make some of my favourite games but to only have access to a Nintendo home console would mean missing out on far too many games.
        Your right on the handheld front as well, sure the Vita isn’t swimming in games but it’s had some real gems and has a few more to came yet.

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