Civilization Revolution 2.


Firaxis Games’ mobile incarnation of Sid Meier’s Civilization series is to make its way to the PS Vita December 3rd. Already available on IOS and Android devices, Civilization Revolution 2 Vita will feature a number of additional scenarios, units and world leaders, many of which are inspired by Japanese history, including a unit based on the famous War World 2 battleship the Yamato. Civilization Revolution 2 will be available via PSN this December.

Civilization Revolution 2.

4 thoughts on “Civilization Revolution 2.

  1. I loved the original Civ and Civ 2. I may return to the series with this game. The character designs on the pic look very anime, which makes sense given the Japanese focus of this edition.

    1. I loved the first and second to but more recently five held my attention for a good few weeks. I’m seriously considering getting this one as well but I’ll hold off until I read a review or two.

      1. I sunk many hours into Civ 1 & 2 along with Alpha Centauri. After that the series got too complicated for me. Revolution sounds appealing as it is more streamlined than the mainline games.

      2. I know what you mean, 4 was almost unplayable for me but 5 scaled back the complexity of things a little. Haven’t played Beyond Earth yet but I’ve heard its more focused on combat then anything else and combat is my least favourite part of Civ.

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