Return Of The (Bomber) Man.


While he has never quite reached the dizzy heights of popularity say, Mario or Sonic have, Bomberman is never the less one of gaming’s most iconic figurers, so it’s good to know Konami are finally reviving the franchise later this year. Unfortunately, this revival will take place exclusively on Android and iOS devices as oppose to consoles, however few would argue there are many games better suited to mobile and tablet gaming than Bomberman, plus Konami are promising more than 100 single player maps and online battles making Bomberman Versus! If nothing else, something to keep an eye on.

Return Of The (Bomber) Man.



  1. My favorite terrorist is coming back :].

    I can’t wait. I don’t care if it’s only on phones. If this does well they might give us a Bomberman game on the Wii U or NX.

    1. I’m hopeful it might see release on consoles at some point to but even if it doesn’t as long as Konami stick to what makes Bomberman great this game will be worth playing on any platform.

    1. I’ve never had the pleasure of playing Act Zero but from the reviews I’ve seen the question must be asked, what were Hudson thinking? Still it could have been worse, they could have rebooted Bonk in a similar fashion.

      1. Rebooting the franchise would have been okay, rebooting the franchise with Gears of War as your inspiration not so much.

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