Late Knight.


Yacht Club Games has announced that the long awaited physical release of Shovel Knight has been delayed by weeks, and now won’t reach store shelves until the 30th October in Europe and the 3rd November in North America. Yacht Club Games have also revealed the physical release of Shovel Knight on the XBox One has been cancelled entirely due to Microsoft’s “publishing policies” while the PS Vita version of the game has been delayed until 2016.

Late Knight.

4 thoughts on “Late Knight.

  1. The delay shouldn’t be a big deal as most people who want the game have already downloaded it. The XBone sub is interesting.

    1. I’m curious to see how the Xbox publishing policy effected this decision. Especially considering how lenient MS has been with indies and their parity clause lately. I agree that anyone who wanted to play the game already has it on their format of choice, so the physical edition is just there for collectors.

      1. Clearly Microsoft’s policy didn’t deter Yacht Club Games’ decision to release Shovel Knight on the Wii U first and now the policy is, as you pointed out only hurting collectors so Microsoft really should just change it.

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