Resident Evil 7.


While most Resident Evil fans are eagerly awaiting the remastering of the second game in the series or holding out hope Umbrella Corps isn’t the cheap cash-in it appears to be, series producer Masachika Kawata wants fans to know the seventh entry in the series, while still some way off is coming and they should, “stay tuned” for more news soon.
In the same interview with Siliconera fellow Capcom producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi also revealed that currently the publisher had no plans for either a new Devil May Cry or an offline Dragon’s Dogma.

Resident Evil 7.

10 thoughts on “Resident Evil 7.

  1. That’s extremely disappointing to hear, since DmC and Dragon’s Dogma were both incredible games (the Definitive Edition of DmC improving it even more). As a huge fan of Dragon’s Dogma and its Dark Arisen expansion, I was hoping for a sequel on current-gen hardware.. but the online game isn’t exactly what I had in mind. I’d be more interested in a sequel to DmC or DD more than another Resident Evil. I just haven’t enjoyed the series since 4.

    1. 4 was the last Resident Evil I enjoyed as well but I suppose the optimist in me is still clinging to the hope they’ll turn the series around.

      As for Devil May Cry and Dragon’s Dogma, it’s a real shame to see Capcom pushing them to the sidelines but they’ve done it to so many other franchises over the years its not a huge surprise to see them at it again.

      1. And with the success of the Resident Evil remake, I’m sure that’s their main goal for now. Milk remakes and Resident Evil for all its worth. Again.

      2. There was that whole scene in RE5 where Wesker had that weird mind-control diamond jammed in her chest cavity, haha. That’d probably ruin anybody.

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