EA are forever looking for new ways of parting gamers from their cash and it looks as if their latest scheme may take it’s inspiration from none other than Netflix.
This particular rumour comes courtesy of a survey issued by EA themselves which asks participants if they’d be interested in subscribing to an online rental service which provided titles from the likes of Ubisoft, Take Two Interactive, Activision and Bethesda. The survey goes on to ask participants how much they’d be willing to pay for such a service and if they’d expect a discount, however it makes no mention of platform, or time frame for release.




  1. I don’t think an online rental service would be handy for games. With movies, you can watch them once and be done with them, but video games are much longer and consequently require a larger investment of time. I suppose if you could rent a game for a month, it might be somewhat viable, but it seems like a better idea would be to play the game all the way through and sell it on eBay immediately afterwards. That way, you’re out the money it would have taken to rent it in the first place, but you had no time limit (you could possibly break even if you bought it used).

    Sounds like EA is reaching, but then again, that’s nothing new, is it?

    1. I’ve never seen the appeal of renting games either but as you pointed out this is EA we’re talking about here and they’ll try anything once. If it makes them some cash they’ll surely milk it and if it doesn’t they’ll move on to the next nickel and dime scheme.

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