Hit Postponed.


IO Interactive have announced that Agent 47’s latest outing, simply titled Hitman, is to miss it’s planned December 2015 release in favour of a March 2016 one.
The team, who are also responsible for the Kane & Lynch series sighted the need for more time to “add content” to the core game while at the same time admitting they had greatly underestimated the sheer scope of the game which is, they claim, the biggest game they’ve ever made.
Hitman is schedule to appear on PC, playstation 4 and the XBox One next year.

Hit Postponed.



    1. This could indeed be a factor but I’ve read in a number of places that the current build of the game is very light on content. Some have even written IO Interactive were planning to launch with just 7 missions.

      1. Yeah, I read that the original plan was to release a game with little content and add more missions as time goes by. I don’t think that would go down well, as once a company has your cash their is no incentive for them to give out freebies.

        The team responsible for Kane and Lynch? I haven’t played those games, but I hear the last one was ridiculously short.

      2. You can indeed finish Kane and Lynch 2 in one sitting, I sure did but it is a fun game especially in co-op. Playing the first and second back to back probably adds up to a complete game.

        As for Hitman well, I’ve played every one in the series and I’d consider myself a big fan but the noises coming out of IO Interactive in regards to this one haven’t filled me with optimism in the slightest, hopefully the delay will change that.

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