Resident Evil Umbrella Corps.

TGS 2015

While most Resident Evil fans await the long overdue remake of Resident Evil 2, Capcom are hoping a brand new spin-off dubbed Resident Evil Umbrella Corps will tide them over in the mean time. Unlike Resident Evil 2 however Umbrella Corps takes many of it’s cues from the likes of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, trade horror for action and single player for multi in what Capcom describes as a “fast paced, competitive third-person shooter” which you can get a look at here.
Resident Evil Umbrella Corps is currently in the works for the PC and PlayStation 4 and should be released early next year.

Resident Evil Umbrella Corps.



  1. I’m not even getting this crap. I would have preferred a Revelations 3 to tide me over until Zero came out…

    1. Its low risk high reward, if people pick it up and play it Capcom will make some cash and if they don’t Capcom won’t lose much as they have not invested all that much to begin with.

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