Ace Attorney 6.


Capcom have revealed that the sixth instalment of the much loved Ace Attorney series is in the works for the 3DS. Alongside the game’s reveal Capcom also confirmed that Ace Attorney 6 will at some point be making it’s way Westward however whether or not we’ll actually get a physical version this time the Mega Man maker refused to comment.

Ace Attorney 6.

4 thoughts on “Ace Attorney 6.

  1. I am looking forward to this game. Despite not having Shu Takumi’s involvement, I actually enjoyed Dual Destinies more than I did Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. Then again, my favorite game in the series, Prosecutor’s Path, also didn’t have his input. It’s an opinion that flies in the face of the fandom, but that’s why creator worship is not wise – lest we forget that Justice for All and Apollo Justice, the two weakest games, occurred on his watch.

    I heard the new Ace Attorney game will be set in another country, which makes me wonder if the somewhat-open plot threads from Dual Destinies will be addressed.

    1. While I’ll agree Apollo Justice is the least of the Ace Attorney series I do think had Capcom allowed Mr. Takumi to continue with that cast of characters the Apollo series could have grown into something special but will never know now I guess.
      That aside I think its going to be very interesting to see how Takumi’s latest work, The Adventure of Ryūnosuke Naruhodō stacks up against Ace Attorney 6.

      Dual Destinies after all almost split the fan base and this just might.

      1. Yeah, it was a shame that a lot of the arcs that began in Apollo Justice were dropped like a stone. Maybe the next game will address this? If not, I think it will still be worth playing.

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